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Point Pod winner of
Good Design Award Australia

Point Pod Wins Prestigious Award for Design and Innovation

Fully-integrated power socket system that seamlessly blends into your bench top


Why choose Point Pod?

You can now have access to power points and USB sockets without compromising your design. Point Pod is an integrated and functional pop-up power outlet hidden within your bench top.


Modern, streamlined and simplistic design to blend into your bench top


With one simple touch, the power appears from underneath your bench top


You can access up to three power sockets and two USB ports without taking up bench or wall space.


Point Pod units can be customized to suit your design preferences and bench top specifications

How it works

Point Pod is installed underneath your stone or timber bench top. The product uses an electric lift, so you simply press the top of the unit, and it automatically emerges for use on the bench top.

The product is customisable to suit your needs. It can be orientated any way, plus it can be installed into different thicknesses of bench tops, while we offer two standard product types – Point Pod Multi and Point Pod Compact – the socket configuration can be changed to suit your needs. Custom colours are also available to replace the standard rim.

The units are designed so they can be easily replaced should they reach the end of their lifespan or need to be replaced under warranty.

Point Pod units have a 2yr Australian parts and labour warranty.


We are excited to partner with architects, builders, developers and retailers to have Point Pods installed in all your projects.

Demand is high in the Australian market for such a high-quality and functional product.

Please contact us to receive more information about how Point Pod can help your customers.


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