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Point Pod – As Seen On The Block in Two Room Reveals

In case you missed it, Point Pod was As Seen On The Block in 2019.

Two teams used the Point Pod Multi – Mitch and Mark, and Tess and Luke. Here’s how the sockets were used by each team.

As Seen On The Block in Mitch & Mark’s Room

Mitch and Mark were the first to install Point Pod, in a never-before-seen manoeuvre on The Block: changing the original contestant design brief with their room reveal.

Instead of a Master Ensuite, Team Mitch and Mark built an ensuite and incredible kitchenette, complete with a Point Pod pop-up power point that judge Shaynna Blaze suggested might be used by the DJ.

As seen in their room reveal on The Block, the kitchenette and ensuite had a light-filled modern feel, with lots of white, clean lines, and light-coloured marble bench tops scaling one wall of the area – with the Point Pod pop-up power point with its complete integration and modern design the perfect companion.

As Seen On The Block | Cameron with Mark

Mitch and Mark blew away the judges with their innovative kitchenette / ensuite combo, taking out the winning room for that week.

As Seen On The Block in Tess & Luke’s Room

Tess & Luke continued were the second team to feature a Point Pod power socket.

Embracing a “moody” but very sophisticated theme in their apartment, their kitchen followed suit.

With state-of-the-art appliances, dark herringbone floorboards, and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, the piece de resistance was the massive island bench top, with the seamless, stylish Point Pod right at home.

As Seen On The Block | Point Pod Tess & Luke

While Tess & Luke were worried that the judges might have thought the island bench was too big, judge Neale Whittaker lauding the duo for the decision, with Tess & Luke.

“I love a big kitchen island because it’s where life gets lived,” Neale said.

As Seen On The Block | Point Pod Tess & Luke

And we at Point Pod couldn’t agree more!

Want To Install Your Own Point Pod As Seen On The Block?

We sell a range of Point Pod power sockets, Point Pod Compact in Black or Silver, Point Pod Compact with USB (one socket) in Black or Silver, or the Multi – (2 sockets, no USB) also in Black or Silver (3 sockets plus USB). All of our units provide access to power points in just about any bench top, in any room, without compromising on your design, and with the ability to customise to suit your bench materials and specifications. Get in touch to find out more.

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